I was looking for☆ずっと探していた

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

When I look back my days before I started accessing Shamballa consciously, I was always looking for “something.” I was not sure what it was, but I knew I was supposed to do something and meet someone at somewhere. It was so vague that I didn’t even pay much attention while I was busy with my physical life.

I felt something close to “the thing” when I was dreaming at night. When I woke up, everything was just vanished and I was not able to recollect any piece of the memories, but I was sometimes crying.

One of my big reasons why I did involve the music activities so seriously was that I always wanted to meet, know and involve with people through the common beauty = music. As I said before, I really love to be alone but I knew that meeting/interacting with people would be quite essential in order for me to go beyond. I was not sure what “beyond” really would refer to at that time though.

I started accessing Shamballa really casually and it was just for fun. I believe many participants did it by similar reasons or just pure curiosity. Not a big deal, it is just a delusion and no harm at all….

Well, you may see how you actually find out “the things” you were looking for with or without noticing by yourself. At least, I did find a part of “the things” I, as the soul, was looking for a long long time. Finding out what we have been really looking for does make our life much easier and joyful.

By the way, how to access Shamballa is pretty simple : Please check out this post.










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