What I like☆私の「好き」

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

This is actually my first time to write this blog ‘fully’ via iPad which is actually quite comfortable and fun! (without an external keyboard, and it works just fine) This can be one of my new favorite things from now on.

I’m usually open to new things, new experiences; but I can admit myself to be comfortable with the things I’m familiar with.

When I was young, I forced myself to do different experiences as much as possible since I thought that would be the only way for me to build my skills and knowledge. Real experience first – that is what I was all for and I still think that can be the only way to really understand the elements of the things I’m ever interested in.

At the same time, I had involved many problems physically and mentally. There were misunderstandings and miscommunications which made me feel stressed out almost all the time. I would never be interested in going back to my past even if such thing was possible because of them.

Of course, such bitter experiences did teach me what I really like and feel good, comfortable and fun. What we feel good and comfortable usually means that your frequency matches with the particular things, emotions, people, places, etc.

If you have more real/physical experiences, I believe the capacity or the range of your frequency allowance becomes wider. In other words, you can find more things you like, enjoy, have fun of. In my case, that really helps me to see different people, unfamiliar places and technology in both Shamballa and the physical world.

I never regret and am really thankful for my experiences, but I don’t really recommend you to experience what I’ve been through in my life. I’m just hoping for everyone to find many many favorite things without much difficult experiences.









2 thoughts on “What I like☆私の「好き」

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  1. I think, in all honesty, that each one of us can make positive and negative experiences during her/his earthly existence.
    Much perhaps it is predisposed (cause-effect law) and for some time I have stopped looking for the reasons of bad experiences as it is easier for me to refer to karmic situations: this also allows me to accept.
    Life is a school, maybe THE School, the one par excellence… that you do not find in textbooks. I also repeat it to my two sons, who, in turn, find themselves traveling along a path of life which is perhaps much more difficult than the one I have traveled, due to exogenous factors which can not be influenced.
    Positive thinking, willpower and the profound desire to find answers and look for new horizons, helps us to follow with determination.
    It is said here (in my country), that when you have touched the bottom, you can only re-emerge! I also touched the bottom several times, and every time I hoped it was the last one.
    Writing helps me to elaborate the experiences, maybe that’s why I say I write novels for myself and not for others. Even if it is a pleasure to be able to share a thought rooted in the years, a thought of love for every living creature… especially for those who can not speak and defend themselves. :-)claudine

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Claudine♪
      One of my music teacher used to say “Life is practice at any moment, all the way” … that was my favorite motto for a while. It is like what you mentioned above (life is the school). Then, teachers in Shamballa tell us that Life is a game, an exciting and should be a joyful game. If I was a young music student, I would be totally resentful to hear such a phrase 🙂 Because I thought that only negative/tough/hard experiences would make us learn to be better.

      I still think some level of negative experiences/emotions are necessary for everyone to learn the things better since they give us way more impact than positive things (we tend to forget so easily). At the same time, people should experience more of emotionally positively touched experiences, I guess. We definitely need more positiveness and fun in our path! I just hope my friends will find what they really like which make the life really a fun adventure. Claudine, I look forward to reading your stories☆ Thanks again and have a great day!! – Shire


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