Private room☆私の個室

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room ♪

My absolute favorite time in Shamballa is “when I’m in my private room” that’s it 🙂

Well, it sounds a little funny to many of Shamballa participants since we are supposed to be at our room all the time. When you imagine being in Shamballa (= accessing there), you are probably sitting on your favorite chair and reading something, or leaning on the window to see outside, or dancing with your adviser (smiling) on the floor… something like these.

As I said before, I do have things to do in Shamballa like I do work in the physical world so that I’m not always in my private room. I’m sometimes in the kitchen baking something, or seeing some of my friends/teachers at a living room, or sewing/knitting at my house-work room, or studying/taking some lessons/classes at my library, etc., etc… so, I’m basically pretty active in Shamballa.

As I get tired of doing things in the physical world, I get tired doing things in Shamballa. My body in Shamballa is pretty fragile/weak so that I can feel the tiredness sometimes even with my physical body especially I get into some communications (talking, seeing people) there. Well, it’s probably because my consciousness also tried to focus on such communications.

I’m currently in my private room… how nice and relaxing!! I was checking some beautiful photos of flowers (probably a magazine), and yes, I’m now having a nice tea break while my physical body is writing this blog.

My room in both Shamballa and the physical world are equally my safest and most comfortable rooms.








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