Summer Solstice☆夏至

Hi, this is Shire. Happy Summer Solstice! Well, some of you already had the day yesterday though 🙂

I actually did not realize that today (21st) was the day at first. Now you know how much anti-spiritual I am, LOL. I’m not so sensitive to changes in calendar. 

However, I did notice a very subtle difference on my way to my workplace in the morning. I felt something really “reseting and refreshed” vibe from the atmosphere. It was really clean, sharp, almost brand-new but it was more refurbished sensation.

I really loved the vibe a lot! I was taking a deep breath and enjoyed the blight sunshine.

I finally realized what day was today… probably after launched FB or Twitter, lol. Anyways, I hope you all feel the “new vibe” and keep moving forward with a full of joy!

Source : Picmia








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