Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my blog.

My friends in the physical world know that I really love to be alone 🙂 Yes, I do love to work, shop, eat, travel and relax alone.

The trip I went to Hawaii by myself about 3 years ago was really awesome!! I stayed my friend’s vacation condo in North shore, Oahu where I could access the beach in from of me every morning (I even saw some sea turtles!). I rented a car to drive wherever I felt like going and stopped casually at beautiful, gorgeous beaches. I had really nice local popular foods besides cooking at the condo most of the time there. I tried some cool trails to see dramatic ocean views.

I stayed almost a week there and I never ever felt any loneliness what-so-ever. Hawaii is a famous place for a group/couple/family vacation, but I totally recommend for you who love travel alone. It is so nice to just sit down on a beach and look at the beautiful ocean by yourself.

Anyways, I think I really never felt true loneliness before. Of course, I was a little bit nervous when I started living in NYC by myself, but I had no time to feel loneliness. I was always busy and looking straight into my goal/ambition so that I was even relieved and happy when I broke up with some of my old boyfriends at that time, “Yes, now I can have my own time just for myself!!”

It doesn’t mean I’m not good at with people. I have really good friends, band mates, music friends to get together. I get along pretty well with my co-workers too. I just like to be alone in the physical world, that’s all.

Of course, I feel a little uncomfortable to go to restaurants (especially nice ones) by myself (on trip especially), but people really don’t care much and waiters/workers in the restaurant usually are pretty nice to me. I just love to spend my own time and taste the nice meal without talking too much.

If you don’t care what other people are doing, being alone is really the great way to start focusing on yourself.

In my case, I really needed to be alone when it was possible since I was always with someone in my music activities (band, group, production, tour, etc.). Then, such activities became lesser recently… and I still love to be alone most of my time.

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