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Hi, this is Shire. I hope you will have another peaceful week♬

I believe this quote is something many of us have been experienced or currently feeling. Somehow, we need to relax and release any tension when we try to pursue what we really desire in this world (not just the physical world); however many of us actually become really stiff and strain ourselves so much instead. 

After many years of “desperate effort” I’ve made for my music activity (and it didn’t turn the way I wished), I now wonder why people even recommend to be desperate in order to get what we want. I think such things (I desperately needed) at that time actually lose my interest so quickly. What do you think?

Good encounter only happens when your soul is relaxed.

Q. Do you think my actual excitement is same with my past boyfriends and the prospective life partner?

A. There is the expression like “That was like an electric current running through me when I met him.” But in your case, you can analyze it pretty calmly so that the level of excitement should be same.

I’ll give you this phrase especially to you: Good encounter only happens when your soul is relaxed.

— from “About love relationship (good encounters)” April 19th, 2017 (original in Japanese)












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