Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my blog again♫

I’m taking a extra day-off today for this weekend (in the physical world) since I have a lot of paid vacation hours I need to use soon (otherwise it will be gone).

I did some requested tasks at home, and I did sleep a lot. Well, I usually do get up early morning even on off days, but I take a nap here and there during a day. I don’t get so sleepy at work but I get really sleepy at home.

I often think (on any off-days) I should be more productive and I can do this and that… but I end up being really lazy. Well, that’s probably how I am. Meanwhile I am doing what I’m supposed to do in Shamballa. I do not seem so lazy there 🙂

That’s probably how I do keep my balance. I used to really dislike my laziness and had the guilt feeling so many times. But now, I would rather follow my laziness, lol. If I like to be lazy, there should be a reason why I like to.

Now, I just found out that I actually do have a slight high body temperature, hahaha (I didn’t feel any sickness at all though).

I’m going to keep working on my things in Shamballa actively while my physical body being super relaxed and laaazzzzyyy! Yay!







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