Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a fun day♬

I put “1” for this title “Today” since I probably use the same title in some other anniversaries 🙂 This can be a super irregular series… let’s put this such a way.

So, today (June 14th) is the day I left Japan and moved to New York. A long time ago (more than 20 years). 

When I was leaving Japan (probably in the airplane or the departure gate), I actually had the sense that this would be nearly permanent “good-bye” to my days as a Japanese resident. Well, so far I haven’t been back to the country as a resident yet.

I felt a little weird to start living in the place completely different and did not seem to fit me at all, lol. I only had a kind of the sense of obligation: I have to be in New York in order to become a professional musician! (It was not even true after all though)

Anyways, I was so excited to change my life completely! Everything was new, brand new and unfamiliar with me… big & tall buildings, colorful people with unique styles, fast & sharp pace, smells I had never experienced before, direct & rough attitudes… and so on.

You can usually enjoy such differences when you just stay a little while as a trip, but living a different environment alone is a different story.

But in any case, on this day, I moved to the US with a full of expectation, excitement and hope. I can still tell myself on that day “Yeah, you did a great job! Go for it, girl!!”

Source: Vintage Times SquareTILMAN KÖNEKE, and TimeOut New York









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