Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice weekend and welcoming the new week♫

So, we had the singing/writing event 2 days ago in Japan and yesterday in my area. Thank you very much for those of you participated the event♪

It is a pretty simple event, isn’t it? You just sing a song or two and write some Chinese characters at the same time. You do not have to go anywhere and see anyone else around you.

However, several hundreds people actually do sing/write same thing as you do at the exact same time. Isn’t it amazing to imagine? Not a few people, but hundreds or can be thousands of people all over the planet do sing/write the same stuff at the same time.

Several participants in the physical world have been feeling pretty strong togetherness as well as seeing many participants in Shamballa during the event. I did feel holding someone’s hand while singing “Amazing Grace.” You can say it is a delusion, but there are many people actually singing at the same time!

Our physical eyesight is so limited as we all know. We cannot see our back while looking in front of us, can we? What we don’t see means it never exist? NO! It is so easy to feel such togetherness when we know for sure that we do something together even though we do not see it physically.

This event is a great way to feel our togetherness and connection via Gaia (Earth). The next event will be on the 30th (Sat). I hope you will join us to sing/write and feel the togetherness.









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