Safe place☆安全地帯

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you have joined with us for the singing/writing event today! (The first one was on 10am JST.) If you are curious to see what it is, please check out the FB page and hopefully you will join us for the 2nd session at 10pm JST.

Anyways, I really love my room in Shamballa. I can get so relaxed and feel really safe like my place in the physical world. I’ve been feeling more so recently since I noticed that I have been in and out of the room quite often.

I am not so certain, but I feel that I am constantly being active in Shamballa which I do cooking/baking in my kitchen, gardening/walking around in my garden, taking a class/lesson at somewhere else but my room, participating some meetings/parties, and so on. It can be more active than myself in the physical world, lol.

Then, I can tell when I am in my own room (in Shamballa) since I definitely feel the strong comfort and safety even with my physical consciousness. It is really important for me to have such a safe place where I can stretch not just my body (astral body in this case) but also my brain & sense.

Such a relaxation is really important for me to keep working on things both in Shamballa and physical world.

Do you have such a safe place?








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