Extra happiness☆おまけ

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are getting ready for your weekend (Please check out the singing/writing event on the 9th♪)!

I got a yummy taro dumpling at the Chinese take-out place where I go sometimes but not too often. I was going to pick-up some food after my band practice last night, and the lady worker asked me “Do you like taro dumpling?” I was wondering why she asked me such a question, but I said “Yes, I like it a lot♪” Then she handed me one and said “We just got many dim-sum foods delivered by the near-by restaurant. I would like to give you this!” Wow, that’s great! I really love taro dumpling when I have a dim-sum. It was actually a really good dumpling and It made me super happy 🙂

Then I realized that I’ve been actually getting so many extra happy moments like this recently. I sometimes get petit discount or a free snack/good at the coffee shop near my work place where the workers are very nice with big smile every morning. Some strangers (with a nice smile) hold a door for me so many times here and there even when I was in Japan last time (I was really surprised!). People around me seem very nice and gentle with beautiful smiles!

Such a small but extra goody really does make our day so special.

I just appreciate how sweet and kind people can be for others. I would love to be such a person as well.

A tiny care and extra smile… that’s probably all we need for each other.




そしたらイキナリ飲茶で私が良くゲットする、タロイモの揚げ餃子(taro dumplingと言います)をポン、と手渡しされたのです。「おおっ!」「どうぞ~これ近所の飲茶レストランから飲茶セットを今持ってきてもらったところなの♬」私実はこのタロイモ餃子がかなり好きでして、早速一口頂いてみると、「お、美味しい😍」・・・腹減りの五臓六腑に染み渡りましたwwwwというか、こんなことあり得ないし!!





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