Song project 2018, vol. 5☆第5回歌プロ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So, the 5th session of “Let’s All Sing Together 2018” is coming up pretty soon on June 9th (Saturday)!!

What is “Song project”? You can check out my previous posts here:

Let’s all sing together 2016!
Song Project and beyond

Besides singing the songs, we have been adding “writing project” which we, participants do write “Four-character-idioms” in Kanji, Chinese characters. It has been as much effective as singing.

None of these are mandatory. If you feel like singing, humming, or just writing a few idioms for fun, please join us! You won’t have to go anywhere, you can just be wherever you are at the time of singing/writing!

I hope we all get together (mentally, spiritually & energy-wise) to enjoy the moment♫

Here is the detail for the event (link to the FaceBook event page).

Let’s all sing & write together on the 9th♬












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