Fall asleep☆寝落ち

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much again for coming to my room♫

Falling asleep… yes, this has been a serious issue to my physical body recently. I do not fall a sleep at all during regular work hours though, I become really really sleepy after 10pm almost everyday. It never happened to me before so that I have been wondering what I’ve done in Shamballa, lol.

I did write about my sleepiness several times which was caused mainly by the double-life taking different spaces & energies of my brain. I have become much better (= not get sleepy much while accessing Shamballa), but I started falling asleep after 10pm.

Last night, I didn’t even notice I was falling asleep while browsing on iPad so that my iPad totally fell down on the room floor (luckily, not broken) when I realized, but I was even not sure what I was doing for a few seconds.

One thing I’ve noticed that I do wake up pretty early like 5:30am everyday even on weekends. It is really rare thing and seems to become more and more a custom to me so that I don’t need any alarm to wake up in these days. I used to get really tired during daytime when I did wake up early, but I now do keep awake and do my daytime job without much sleepiness. Then, I totally fall asleep after hitting 10pm… oh well, I can’t do my music live gig starting after 10pm anymore (lol)!

I feel a little bit what I have been doing in Shamballa which is probably the reason (why I fall asleep). I miss staying up late (like an active musician) a little, but I like what I think I’m doing in Shamballa plus I like to get a good enough rest physically as well.

Double-life makes you live healthily, LOL.






それで(原因となりそうな)シャンバラで何をやっているのか、については、すこ~しばかりその片鱗を掴んではいます。私が決めてやっている事ですので、それについては全く異存はないのですが、夜型人間だった自分(in 肉体界)がちょーっぴり懐かしい、ような気もしますwww


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