Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having another good day♫

I’ve been living in this life for more than 40 years (with the physical body), and I thought I would not get so surprised anymore. I’ve experienced many things, have lived in different places far away from where I grew up, have been speaking in 2 languages, have involved many different human dramas and relationship issues, and so on.

I am pretty good at speculating on the things how they may end up developing so that I am usually self-possessed and quiet.

Yet, there are plenty of things I can get surprised on a daily basis. It is not from outside but from my own world such as my attitudes, my activities, things around me. I’ve realized this might be more obvious since I started accessing Shamballa which several of my unsolved issues suddenly started making sense to me.

What surprises me the most is “unexpectedness” … my speculations no longer work with such a thing. I really do experience “Fact is stranger than fiction” through the double-life. The double-life was already the thing I had never expected/imagined to happen to me before.

If you keep your mind open and be always curious to yourself, you will get more surprises and unexpectedness. Because that is what your soul calls for. I think the unexpectedness has what I would really look for.





特に、肉体の人生(過去生含む)でどうしても分からなかった、不可思議な記憶や疑問点がシャンバラで判明し、それが肉体界で物理的に証明される🎉なんて壮大(失笑してもよしw)な自分ドラマを目の当たりにしますと、もはや想像を絶する「・・・・( ゚ ρ ゚ )ボー」としか反応できないのですね~~🍃



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