Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my blog again.

As I mentioned in this post, I have some dreams I do remember clearly. Most of them are just a series of visions, not a moving image, and they all have color and I usually get the emotions associated with the particular images (even though I don’t remember the detail).

A few years ago, I was really wondering in my dream where looked like a Japanese traditional hotel = Ryokan but it had very many fantasized differences. I thought (after waking up) it was just a bogus fantasy dream which anything could happen.

Well, it was a wooden structure with Japanese traditional atmosphere and yet there was way high ceiling with a balcony. I saw so many different stairs here and there like a complicated maze which I got totally lost in there on my way to… probably my room there. The light was slightly darker and moody which reminded me of the animation movie “Spirited away” …. yes, I saw the lanterns (in the Japanese inn so that I felt a little weird, lol).

It was really realistic and I was nervous to look for my way to be back to my room… an interesting and colorful dream I thought I had seen.

Recently, I heard about a Japanese-themed ryokan in Shamballa. I talked to Beth, the channeller what I saw in my dream and she said “Yeah, you actually have been there before. That description you said is exactly the interior of the inn.”

… OK, that is one my revelatory dreams (nothing “revelatory” involved though, LOL). Anyways, you can visit the ryokan which is located a tropical island in Shamballa 🙂

Source : Pinterest, Suvaco, and Ryokan-info








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