Tea break 13☆ティータイム 13

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend♫

It is really interesting that several strangers (people I don’t know of) have been saying “hi” with nice smile recently. It happened a few times by the bus driver who I don’t have any recognition at all. I sometimes take the bus from my work place on my way home, but I swear I had never seen him before. He had a really nice smile and said to me “Hi, I’m so glad to see you!”…. well, that was nice anyways.

Then, it happened to me again today with some of my neighbors who I had absolutely no idea who he was. He was passing by my car (I was parking) and said “Hi!” with a nice smile with raising his hand. Hmmmm, well, it is still pretty nice to see someone smiling and saying hi to me.

It’s all good, all good… I’m not going to think too much… well, I am going to take a tea break now♫





Source : Picgran


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