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So, I explained the basic definition of soul in Shamballa last time. Here is the basic summery of what I have been told about soul by people in Shamballa:

1. Soul has different types and natural characteristics.

As I mentioned here (soul-type) and here (spirit of words), each soul has its own unique tendency and quality. Type: rough-soul, quiet-soul, and so on. Nature: spirit of words, color, sound, vision, and so on.

2. Soul has its own frequency called “mantra = name of soul.”

Most people in the physical world cannot figure this out yet, but there are some people who can actually see/read such names. Since the person who figures out such names can fully control the person whose name has been revealed, you should never tell anyone if you ever find out yours. Only the people who are really truly pure minded are supposed to be able to figure out such names.

3. Everyone on the Earth is from somewhere else in the soul-level. No soul was born in this planet.

According to Shamballa, soul is supposed to be born at the place called “white hole” (which can be in different places in the universe), and it usually forms a group which all get together and move together planet by planet. As we see certain generation of people has the certain characteristics because they are the group of souls. When the group decides to move some other planets, they wait all group members to get together (= die) and then leave the current planet. That’s why some group members (souls) wait others for many years.

4. Soul born in this universe has actually limited life (which the causal bodies have almost eternal time though) while “wonderer” has eternal life of soul.

According to Shamballa, “wonderer” is the soul which was born in the outside of this universe (i.e. some other universes) which consists of totally different electricity. Wonderer does not form group but it just moves planet by planet, galaxy by galaxy alone. Not all wonderers are “good guys” which Shamballa always brings up Adolf Hitler as an example. Number of reincarnation is based on the deepest body = soul. The reason why we are born again (reincarnate) is because soul can only develop (= compounding of souls) itself by living in the physical body.

The compounding of souls is similar to the improvement of breed of plants. A beautiful but weak flower mixes with an ugly but strong flower so that a strong and beautiful flower can be produced. The concept of soul compounds is pretty much the same that a sensible but weak minded soul mixes with an atrocious fiend but really strong minded soul so that a sensible and strong minded soul is supposed to come out.

— from 【ELB-7:Reincarnation/Dimensional operation, part 1】Enjoy Life Basic☆

[continue to part 3]



1. 魂にはそれぞれタイプや性質など個性がある


2. 魂にはそれぞれ固有の周波数があり、それをマントラと呼んだりする


3. 地球上にいる全ての人は、地球外より来ている。つまり地球産の魂はない


4. この宇宙で生まれた魂には寿命があるが、『ワンダラー』は永遠の魂を持つ




— 【ELB-7:生まれ変わり/次元操作、part 1】Enjoy Life Basic☆ より


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