Gender role☆性別的役割

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice & easy day ♪

Today, I’m going to write about the thing I’ve noticed in the physical world, not Shamballa related.

I just came back from a meeting at my work place where all staff members gathered, updated any news and discussed some issues. My work place has only less than 10 people (We are a branch of the big institution) so that such all-hands meeting only happens once a month, and it gets pretty friendly like a tea-break type 🙂   

Yes, every meeting has some sort of fresh sweets & tea/coffee involved… nice, isn’t it?

The preparation used to be done by the lady staff who I did write about before. She was doing stuff like this not just for the meetings but also any kinds of our gatherings (staff party, appreciation lunches, welcome gathering for new staff, etc.). She was pretty creative so that the foods could be pretty various from an assortment of donuts/cakes/cookies to a Sushi platter, Chinese appetizers and so on. I really appreciated her hospitality which reminded me of a traditional Japanese woman.

Such things (preparing foods, refreshments and drinks) are normally prepared by women at probably most companies in Japan. So, I was imagining that I might have to do the same after her retirement since I am the only another female staff at my work place.

Then, I totally forgot about it for a while and have just realized that our 2 operations managers have been preparing all goodies for last several meetings. They both did bring a really good coffee/tea, freshly baked cakes, pastries, etc. One of them even has found a cool bakery near by for the meeting. Yes, they are both men.

I honestly thought I would be doing much worse job than those 2 guys if I were the person who had to bring stuff for the meetings. At the same time, I was a little surprised by myself that I still have the idea that such a job (serving foods & drinks) is a “women’s thing.”

I’m really happy to live and work at the place where I do not have to do even a single thing because of my gender. No one asks me anything because I am a female.











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