Tea break 12☆ティータイム 12

Hi, this Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

It is hard to go back to work after a nice weekend. I usually like to go to work since I like my job as well as the fixed schedule. However, one thing I would really love to have at my work place is… yes, the nap time (Siesta, I guess).

As I’ve mentioned on this blog a few times before, I get really sleepy especially when I focus on the things like accessing Shamballa. When people use different brain areas which they are not familiar with (such as learning a new language, formula, and so on), they tend to get really sleepy. Well, I’ve been in Shamballa almost 4 years by now… and still sleepy!!

Anyways, I will take a tea break now to nicely wake up so that I can keep working on the things I should do in both Shamballa and the physical world (I will have this tea time in both worlds at the same time).

I hope you will enjoy your week☕️






Source : Love Quotes On Sleep


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