Spirit of words☆言霊

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♬

My soul-nature (temperament) is called “spirit of words.” This means that I’m pretty sensitive with words/languages. You can kinda tell, can’t you? 😊

I introduced “soul-type” in this blog before. Our soul has specific characteristics such as “rough-soul,” “quiet-soul” and so on. Besides type, soul has its own nature as well. Here is a good question & answer explaining it:

Q. I’ve seen this somewhere that Chakra is supposed be seen by a geometric pattern, color, Sanskrit characters, lights and so on.

Why does it look so different by the person who sees it?

A. Everyone has different nature of soul such as word, color, vision, sound and so on. Let’s say, if you are a “spirit of color,” you are supposed to react the color specifically.

Such nature is vividly demonstrated when you see chakra and how it is to be seen. In other words, you are supposed to catch it in order to react most sensitively.

For example, dog has many times more sensitive & keen sense of smell than humans so that he does use the sense to detect three-dimensional objects. His eyesight/vision is pretty low and black & white. Moreover, his amount of information should be much less than humans based on the height. That’s why dog understands spatial structure of a room by the olfactory sensation.

If you apply this example to the characteristics of sensation in this subject, you should be able to understand a little better, yes?

— from “Medical team : Chakra” September 28th, 2016


For a long time, I had been believing “I am a spirit of sound” which made me really go forward my way to become a musician. I had the sense of perfect pitch and great ears (Several recording engineers mentioned it to me).

Well, nature is not supposed to be just one type like our strong points 🙂

Actually, I was pretty good at using words since I was a child. I used to love creating stories, writing some story books, and won a prize for a writing contest as well. I was working as a translator, essay writer and editor… yes, I have been dealing with “words/languages” a lot!

More I realize and admit my soul nature, more opportunities related to it come to me. I think that is a part of our mission – live the way your soul desires.

I hope you all will identify your soul type & nature which lead you to your life mission.





Q. チャクラは幾何学模様に見える人、色で見える人、梵字で見える人、光で見える人といろんな形で感じるところです・・・と、どこかにありました。


A. 魂は言霊、色霊、視霊などそれぞれみなさんの魂は違います。特にその特性は例えば色霊であれば色にだけ反応するのです。




— 「医療班 :  チャクラ」より(2016年9月28日)


私自身は、もうなが~~い事「自分は『音魂』だ♬」と思い込んでいました💧そうでなければ、わざわざ留学までしてミュージシャンになってませんですよね💥実際、子供の頃は絶対音感でピアノ教師にプロを目指せ❣とスパルタ教育を受け、留学して一応難関(的)な音楽専門大学を出て、ギャラ💰を貰って確定申告wに職業: ミュージシャンと書ける状態になり、今でも端から見るとプロ・ミュージシャンと思われているところはあります🍃←音魂でなくても、根性でここまでいけるアホな例です💦





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  1. Interesting indeed. I never thought about our soul having such influence in the tanking consideration of our, let say, job’s choices.
    I always attempted to see souls diveded by “vibrational circoumstances”, thus there is always a kind of dicotomy (very thin one) between good and evil. In each one of us, both conditions are present, with some effort and meditation we can achive to keep the “evil” one under control… when we are awake. But sometimes, in our oniric travels, the evil part is fully awake and may give us quite great troubles. Unfortunately, I cannot read japanese (still I’m quite fond of your customs and philosopy)… but your point of view seeing nature of soul such as word, color, vision, sound I find it really compealing.
    Thank you for sharing :-)claudne

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    1. Thanks a lot for your comment, Claudine!

      “Soul is like an eye of hurricane” – that’s what Shamballa says. It rotates left or right if you see it from above which depends on the situation/emotion. I think that rotation makes people call “good & evil (yin-yang).” Soul itself is a lump of energy (electricity). Like energy has directivity/frequency, etc., souls also has its nature/temperament. It will make sense to you once you start realizing a particular thing (like word, color, vision, sound, and so on) always comes first to give you signs/signals/advantages.

      The “Beth’s blog” is written in Japanese because the channeller is Japanese, but many people who actually live double-life are European/Americans (I normally speak English with them). I’ve seen a few “real” Shamballa people in the physical world who are Europeans.

      I like what Shamballa present us because it is not something ambiguous like “God says…” “Angels protect…” “Love is everything…” but more practical and down to Earth type of things. If you have some time, please check out “Enjoy Life Basic” seminar (I translated into English). You will see very practical method & ideas in spiritual subjects.

      Thanks again for visiting my room♬ Best, Shire

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      1. I will check it out… what you say is absolutely compeling… and gives me a kind of reliev. I write about many topics in my books… but I guess isn’t me exactly who write, since I feel that there is a Force from whith I receive strong influences. Soul? Mind? Spirit? since I follow the Buddhist path, I strongly believe that there is a “colletive consciousness” from which comes suggestions and ideas. It’s wonderful when I get oniric visions during my sleep 🙂 but I have to be quick, in the mornig after I awake, to take notes of it. See you around, have a lovely and serene weekend :-)claudine

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        1. Thanks again for your comment, Claudine♪
          Yes, you are totally right about “collective consciousness” which we all are connected and/or part of Gaia, the soul and consciousness of Earth. You even by yourself can start changing this world by your positive mind which will influence people around you and the circle gets bigger and bigger. “Let’s All Sing Together” project is such an experiment (https://www.facebook.com/singtogether2018/), and we have seen many interesting phenomena so far. You are always welcome to join us to sing♪

          By the way, most people access Shamballa while they are sleeping at night… yes, the dreams you see can be actually what “you” are experiencing there (revelatory dreams). Some visions from your dream you can keep recalling are most likely the ones you have experienced in Shamballa. Many artists, musicians, scientists… those people got ideas and worked on their inventions there. You might have worked on yours in Shamballa before realizing in the physical world as well 🙂

          Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Hopefully you too will have beautiful moments in this weekend♪ Best, Shire

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        2. 🙂 You lit me up! Thank you so much …. Chrysalis showed up in a dream asking me to write her story! On a couple of occasions, I was a little scared because I was entering a situation I had never had before. I really thought something was wrong with my mind …
          If you are interested in more details, you can see at this link:

          When I write, it’s to do something useful to help Gaea, the Great Mother … all sentient creatures … Man is the worst of species and is destroying everything on the planet. I suffer a lot in seeing this and I cry very often.
          With my husband Massimo (he is president of the WWF of Italian Switzerland), we do everything we can. But it is the battle of David against Goliath.
          A big hug and see you soon (I mean wirtually).
          Thanks for the link Shire (is this your real name?)… I’m glad to register!

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        3. Thanks again for your comment and the link to your work, Claudine♫
          I would love to check it out!

          As you know, we humans have been doing lots of cruel things to the Earth nature which means hurting ourselves. When we see it as a larger view, we tend to think “No way, we cannot do anything with this,” but each one of us lives the way what the soul is supposed to live, I believe things will change gradually. I am happy to see and feel many of such people around you which Gaia has not been giving up on us 🙂

          Anyways, the next song event will be on June 9th. Let’s sing together virtually, actually literally♪ Best, Shire (This is my first name in Shamballa. I do use this name for all my Shamballa related stuff)

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