Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a wonderful day♬

Whenever I catch a cold, I end up coughing for a while (Well, I haven’t got any sickness lately so that I am not sure that even applies in these days though).

I had really a bad cold while I had a theater gig (playing music in a musical) about 10 years ago. I asked my doctor to prescribe a scary strong medication to stop my bad cough during the musical show. I really needed to stop it so badly. 

I made it fine, but since then, my cough became a habit everytime I caught even a slight cold. Plus, I ended up coughing when I worked on some challenging stuff with my voice training. My throat became really sensitive.

So, I asked the medical team (The link is in Japanese language only) in Shamablla about my cough:

Q. I’m worried about my throat chakra as well as my real throat condition. Could you please let me know if I have any problem regarding the continuous coughing?

A. You should re-train your throat chakra by relaxing your physical throat, but the actual cause in this time would be to prevent something you should not do. Please ask yourself what you should/should not do one more time. (Later, I totally realized what I should not do.)

Q. Please give me any suggestion(s) in order to train my throat or prevent coughing beside my current voice training.

A. You should of course gargle with tea, but besides that, you should say out loud what you really want to say and/or perform Ofuda-maki. Otherwise your throat chakra would never be improved.

[This Q&A was posted on July 29, 2017]

… So, I started saying out things I wanted but could not do before (It does not mean a bad mouth, lol). I did not tell anyone in the physical world, but I started talking to my adviser and friends in Shamballa even more clearly describing my situations and what I was thinking about them.

Since the last summer, I have not got the bad coughing at all, yay! One thing I’ve learned that my throat would get really tight and congested when I stopped saying the things I was supposed to say out. So, whenever I feel my throat being tight (which brings the cough), I take a deep breath and asking myself what I’ve been missing to say.

It has been pretty successful and I feel pretty good 🙂





Q. 喉チャクラのコンディションも非常に気になります。何か問題等ございましたらお知らせ頂けますでしょうか?

A. 喉の力を抜く練習をして再教育しましょう。でも、きっとあなたがしてはいけない何かを止めるためだと思いますよ。今一度何をしてはいけなかったのか自問自答しましょう

Q. ボイトレで喉を鍛える他に、喉(気管支)を強化する、あるいは体調低下が咳に直結しないようにするために、何か出来ることがありましたらご教示下さい。

A. お茶のうがいはもちろん、言いたいことをはっきり言うか、お札巻きして発散するかしないと、喉チャクラの改善は難しいでしょう。




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