Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’ve introduced the interesting seminar called “Enjoy Life Basic” before which is now available in English on “New Beth’s blog.”  This ELB contains, as “basic” suggests, 8 subjects we can learn/study about skills and knowledge of the spirituality/Theosophy. They are practical and so useful to survive in the hectic physical dimension.

Last night, the new series called “Enjoy Life Basic Next” has begun. This 4-session serious is supposed to cover the subject such as “Seeing former life,” “Contacting guardian spirit(s),” “Basic numerology and shield” and “Magic circle and items.”

It all may sound suspicious (lol) to you, but you should be able to gain a good amount of benefit once you go through the 8 sessions of ELB. Again, it is practical and I have been living really comfortably (as you know) based on the knowledge I had gained through the seminar.

Anyways, there were more than 70 people participated the first ELBN session last night who all entered the “zone” together and saw former life of themselves or their friends/family members. It was a quite interesting experience that I could feel other participants in the area… well, I often enter the area (especially when I focus on my work/music practice) just by myself and I’ve never imagined I could be there with other people. The instructor said children in Shamballa would often go there all together like a school trip (to study, of course).

Of course it can be a delusion and there is no way to prove it. However, you may start encountering some undeniable connection/signs/links in the reality. At least, what you see may help to solve your own problems.

I will start translating the entire session from original language (Japanese) into English. Hopefully you all can take a look at it and may like to explore your unseen world to support your life in the physical world.










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