Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice weekend♪

We all know that smiling is a great thing for all of us physically, mentally and spiritually. There are so many beneficial effects being reported by media sources.

Why do you think so many people talking about smiling?I think it’s because people do not smile in the physical world as much. As far as I feel, I am always surrounded by smiley faces in Shamballa. I do smile (and laugh) a lot there as well. So, if you see me in the physical world, I may look like smiling for nothing ( especially while I’m accessing Shamballa).

I just realized that I’ve seen many more smiling people in the physical world recently… since I started accessing Shamballa. I probably smile most of my time even when I’m working, lol. The smile is pretty infectious (I believe) so that people around me do smile a lot and we all feel pretty good 🙂

Yes, I cannot stop smiling whenever I imagine my friends and lovely people in Shamballa.

Source: PictureQuotes







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