Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice & easy day♪

I am just having an interesting situation which my physical body is feeling what I am experiencing in Shamballa. 

It’s like you are experiencing a virtual reality. Your physical body does not have any problem/issue but somehow you feel the pain from your virtual accident. Only difference is that the “virtual” part is not really virtual, but it is another “reality.” It is a reality so that my physical life actually gets influenced, and the environments and situations definitely change according to it.

I’ve heard this before from some of the Shamballa participants, but I didn’t believe it much. I thought that would be another delusion or a strong prejudice.

Well friends, it is pretty interesting when we encounter the situation which our physical bodies do get affected by something we think only happening in our dreams.  Our dream and imagination do relate how we exist in the world (physically, mentally and spiritually indeed).

I just found the best quote to describe what I have been experiencing lately. Hopefully you will enjoy your best dreams 😉








Source: Dream HD wallpaper


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