Love of gain☆物欲

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

One big thing I’ve noticed since I started accessing Shamballa is that I’ve tremendously reduced/lost my love of gain. For example, I haven’t purchased my own clothes in the physical world for more than a year or so.

I used to love shopping especially I did buy things on impulse a lot. Well, I had never regret what I did buy. I was even proud of myself finding good stuff without taking too much time to search.

A few days ago, I happened to find a beautiful Spring sweater online and decided to purchase it which was really a rare thing for me in these days. I did take the purchasing process (entering necessary information, choosing the goods, etc.), then I tried to confirm the purchase… what?! it didn’t let me do it!!!!

I realized that the shopping site was designed for Japanese customer in Japan ONLY so that I could not buy it. Oh well….

A minute or two later, I heard myself (in Shamballa? may be) saying “I don’t need it at all.” Really?! Are you, ooops, am I sure that?!

…. 30 minutes later, I was really happy that I DIDN’T purchase it = waste my money because I found a similar, actually a nicer sweater in my closet! Thank goodness! Plus, I also found several cool clothes I haven’t tried on for a while there. My love of gain got satisfied enough and I am happy to find more possibilities in my closet 🙂

Meanwhile, I do not have love of gain either in Shamballa. Why? I would like to talk about it some other time.











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