Precious matter – 1☆大切にしたい – 1

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a nice weekend♫

I’ve written the similar entry before: Precious things — I did focus more of my own ideas & feelings in the story. In this time, I would like to talk about slightly more external information and matters.

I have always believed once thing since I started accessing Shamballa: Important information should somehow come to me no matter how dull my senses in Shamballa.  

There are still many information I (my physical consciousness) think pretty important yet I do not remember at all as of now… such as my BD in Shamballa, my age of death (in Shamballa, everyone is supposed to be notified the time/age of his/her death at the age of 15), my life style prior to join the physical world, and so on. These are the basic information (facts) as a human who exists in this world… well, really?

There are people who don’t know the exact BD in the physical world. As of now, no one (even including those people who have been sentenced) really knows when the exact time of death coming to. Many people even don’t know their parents, but they live strong and are happy. There are many people in this physical world who do not have information I “thought” it would be important. Yes, they should not be as important to determine who you really are at all.

So, what is “important, precious matter” to you and me?

I think I would like to look back what I’ve done and thought in Shamballa and the physical world.

[continue to part 2]









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