Hi, this is Shire. I’m happy to see you here in my room today♪

There are several things I’m totally into in Shamballa… food and sweets as you know (lol), beautiful flowers, chairs/sofas (lol), gardens, interior designs, and so on.

Balcony is one of my favorite places as well. 

Why balcony? well, it is because I can feel the different air between inside and outside of my room. I love the change from the warmness with a little sweet smell of the inside to the fresh, slightly cooler and green-ish fragrance of the outside. I can imagine the time of a day… it may be afternoon, sunset, or dawn (My astral eyes are not really working well yet).

All I feel in Shamballa might be just an imagination, but the sensation and excitement definitely affect my physical body and mind with unforgettable impression. That may be a reason why I, in the physical world have been very healthy without any medication/supplement for more than 3 years (since I started accessing Shamballa).

I enjoy taking a deep breath at my lovely balcony♪








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