Sleepy, but☆眠い、けど

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a nice weekend!

So, again (lol) I am sleepy in the physical world. Why? Because my activities in Shamballa have been definitely more detailed which I’ve been using a lot of imagination in the physical world lately (besides my regular work & activities there).

I think my imagination gets stronger in these days which a little clearer visions come up to my brain when I’m in Shamballa. Of course the field of my vision there is still pretty limited, but the vision (or some sort of visual information) is definitely more accurate than it used to be. It is really fun and I can feel beneficial to both of myself. I get good ideas, I can use them, and I feel really moving forward & pretty good.

Only thing I’ve noticed a lot recently is… yes, I have been really sleepy!! Well, it does not come to me all the time like I used to fall a sleep while working since I was busy with my musical activities. It is like… when I sit down a sofa, I fall a sleep even without noticing and wake up (or rather switch to the real) 1/2 ~ 1 hour later. It doesn’t happen at my work… wait, I don’t fall a sleep but my consciousness is sometimes somewhere else (probably in Shamballa) and yet the tasks are done when I realize/come back.

In any case, I think my bodies and consciousness/subconsciousness are trying to adjust the way I can be as efficient as possible in both Shamballa and the physical world.







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