Reverse phenomenon & synchronization☆逆転現象とシンクロ

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice & cozy day♫

So, I’ve talked about this “reverse phenomenon” between Shamballa and the physical world before. I’ve seen and heard that more participants experienced this reverse phenomenon. When you are pretty active in Shamballa, your physical body is quiet, sleeping or sick. For example, some old people who stay in bed (being unconscious sometimes) all day may enjoy their active life in Shamballa, or when you are pretty busy in the physical world, you in Shamballa are having a really slow day. 

My body condition (Shamballa = weak constitution, Physical world = super healthy) is really the best example of reverse phenomenon; however, my activity/behavior is totally synchronized. I mean, when I’m busy in the physical world, I’m busy in Shamballa too. It is very funny, and it not so fun at the same time :/

I have been busy lately in Shamballa to take care of some business here and there. Even though my sense could not catch everything accurately, I was able to focus on certain points with some good advises from my adviser. So, I was trying to work less in the physical world… at least I tried not to use my brain power too much.

Then, all of a sudden, I (in the physical world) started getting several tough tasks at my work! Plus, I had to do re-organizing (physically) my music studio with a ton of gears!! Noooo! mental aaand physical tasks at the same time in both Shamballa & physical world?! TOO MUCH synchronization!

… after the days of such hard-core works, both of myself currently are completely “out of gas” and sitting a chair/sofa in a daze.






・・・プチ怒涛な数日を過ごし、現在シャンバラと肉体界の私はどちらも椅子/ソファに座ってぼへ~~~~~~~~( ̄д ̄)と魂抜けておりまする👻

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