Memory from dream☆夢の記憶

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a nice time here ♪

I can sometimes tell what I do/did in Shamballa while my physical body is sleeping. It is not always as clear as this though, one or two things can stay in my memory so that I, in the physical world also understand what’s going on in Shamballa.

There used to be several dreams I could not understand where they were coming from but the visions were weirdly vivid. Some of them seemed to repeat a few similar themes: river, a train, old buildings, a dorm like place, large bath room like one in a school, several different swimming pools, old cafeteria…. I randomly lined up these words, but then, hmmm, they seem to tell me some place(s) I already know of.

I don’t want to brand them as the places in Shamballa easily. It could be somewhere in the physical world too. When my condition (physical & mental) used to be pretty low, I saw certain dreams which we should be able to figure out the meanings by searching some keywords/key places in a dictionary of dream like this.

However, there are certain dreams which stay pretty clear and keep coming back. We sometimes call them revelatory dreams. I’ve confirmed that some of mine were from my actual memories in Shamballa. There are still more to check out… well, it is fun to dig my own field to find a treasure, well or…?







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