Money comes☆意外な入金

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

So, some of you have already checked out the seminar I’ve been translating into English, Enjoy Life Basic. The last session, ELB-8 introduces a few interesting ways to operate dimensions so that we should be able to live the way we would love to.

The one pretty interesting experiment there is called “Alternative Ofuda-maki” which we are supposed to use a Japanese banknote (ex. 1000 yen bill). You may also like to know about Ofuda-maki as well. Anyways, you are supposed to write a short message & amount of money (not too large in the beginning) in small letters on the banknote and keep it in your purse for a while. Then you should be able to get that amount of money = operate the dimension.

It sounds too fishy, doesn’t it? Well, my first attempt was right after the ELB-8 (it was held live on February 18th, 2018), then I received my tax refund within a week which I didn’t expect to receive that fast. Plus, the initial refund was more than what I wrote on the banknote, but I had to spend some money for certain things and the result was the amount very close to the number I wrote!

Then, I did try another attempt afterwards which I didn’t expect much about it since I usually would not be able to think any money from “unexpected” source. The tax refund was easier to expect, but other than that, I would be no idea how I could get extra money besides my regular salary.

So, this second attempt took a while.

Then, I just had a live gig (playing music) a few days ago and one of the audience came up the stage and tipped us some money…. well, I actually got almost $200.00 there! I’ve never seen a person tipped me that much money (the band is not just me, right?) before even my more than 20 years of musician life. Of course, I was really surprised and yet I didn’t really think of the banknote ritual.

Yesterday, I received a check by mail. It was a dividend from the class action suit against my work place which my name was part of the workers’ list. I didn’t involve the lawsuit at all, but I’ve heard that the plaintiff did win hugely and received substantial amount of money. So, it was totally unexpected, I’ve never imagined money. It was not something like $5 or $10, by the way 🙂

After those unexpected money coming events, the total amount was actually almost the same as I did write on the banknote!! Wow!! These rather “rare” ways kinda convince me to believe some sought of dimensional operation must have done.

If you are curious, please read the ELB-8 which I strongly recommend to check out the entire session.

Good luck!










Good luck🌈

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