Good timing☆グッドタイミング

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

There is an easy way to check on my condition not just physically but also mentally & spiritually.

I usually see how things turn around by the timing. When my condition is pretty good, everything goes so well like you have a perfect puzzle game.

As staff members in Shamballa often say “hitting the red light too many times, missing train when you just come to a platform more than 3 times in one day,” you can tell the obvious negative signs. I rarely have such an occasion, but I usually start reviewing what I have done as soon as I hit more than 3 red lights consecutively.

Anyways, I’ve had a few tasks at my work (in the physical world) since last month. It was not so difficult but the communications between several different departments became a little complicated so that I did spend extra time & energies, and I felt my frequency seemed to drop down. I took a power nap here and there to keep up with all my tasks other than just my work place.

Meanwhile, I missed a great chance to purchase one of my favorite cosmetics on a sale price. I usually buy it only the time the company does the semi-annual sale, so the remaining of the particular lotion has been really low. I thought I totally missed the chance and would buy it with the regular price (much more expensive) since I had to focus on the tasks at work and my lower energy could not catch the right sign.

I was disappointed in myself for a moment… then, I received another Email from the company about “outlet” products. On the list, my favorite lotion was not there but another lotion (pretty good too) was put together as a set of three and the price was more than 50% off!! That was way cheaper than what I was initially trying to purchase!! plus three of them! not just one!!

What a timing…. all right, this totally made me believe “I’m doing OK.”

As the set of 3 lotions arrived, my current lotion just finished. The perfect timing. A good timing really does make me feel uplifting and refreshing completely!

P.S. By the way, the complicated task at my work just completely finished as I was writing this. What a timing, don’t you think?!








P.S. そしてこれを書いている最中のことでしたが、上で紹介したキィ~な案件も、完全終結、メデタシメデタシ🎉になりました!!オーマイガー!!の絶妙タイミングです👼

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