Take it easy☆無理しない

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you will have another nice day & evening♪

I’ve been pretty lazy in my sense. When I need an extra time to sleep/get rest, I don’t hesitate to take a day-off from my work.

I used to feel really guilty when I overslept even in weekends. There were many things I thought of “my ideal attitudes” before such as “live in a regular time schedule,” “work as hard as possible,” “don’t be lazy,” “don’t leave things I am supposed to finish today,” “be as constant as possible”… they all sound like new year’s resolutions or someone’s teachings, don’t they?! (lol)

Yes, I think it is still important to live in a regular schedule and be as constant as possible which I sometimes feel a little bad about myself since I cannot do such a way.

On the other hand, I tend to forget time and push over my limit without thinking or noticing when I really focus on the projects I really enjoy. I do this even in Shamballa as well. Also, I have time in the physical world that I have to deal with some difficult tasks at work and spend a lot of brain power and mental energies (which I just had a few days ago). Then, I literally turn off later.

When I push something in the physical world, I get really really sleepy afterwards and turn off my physical body for a while (= sleeping). Then myself in Shamballa starts moving more actively. That seems to give me a good balance and keep both of us in a good condition. That probably proves that my health (in the physical world) has been amazingly great (no medication, even no supplement necessary).

I am doing my way of “take it easy” style which I feel pretty good in these days. That’s why I believe my people in Shamballa have not been saying “Please! please take it easy!!” recently, hee-hee (May be I ignore hearing it, lol).








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