Hi, this is Shire. I’m happy to see you here again in my room♪

I (in the physical world) always wanted to be an elegant woman. Even though I looked like a boy so that my mother made me wear boy’s clothes and have a pretty short hair when I was little, I dreamed of myself acting like a princess. 

In the reality, I grew up with many boys in my neighborhood so that I played what boys did and talked like how boys did. I enjoyed playing different sports and was actually better than many boys in my class. After I moved to NY, I was playing in many different musical groups and bands where they spoke “musician languages” and/or NY English which were sometimes pretty rough and totally opposite side of elegance.

In order for me to make it as a musician, I thought it would be a necessary step especially for the music I have been playing for a long time: Rock, Alternative, Funk and so on.  People around me at that time treated me as another guy.

I had forgotten for a long time how I really wanted to behave like until I started accessing Shamballa.

The other day, one of my old friends (a nice lady) from the school I went told me, “Hey, you have really an elegant attitude”… who? me?! The word “elegant” sounded like a magic.

Well, I hear it a lot in Shamballa since I’m such a type of person there; however myself in the physical world… hmmmm, that is pretty interesting. My friend has actually known me for more than 15 years so that the word coming from her sounded even more special to me.

As I said before, I have really changed some of my prominent components. But more importantly, the change is not just for a change sake but it is also becoming what I really wanted to be from the beginning.

Elegance is one my keywords in this life, period.






先日、かつて同じ音楽学校に通っていたミュージシャン仲間の女性(20年近くお互いを知っています)と会う機会がありました。その彼女が私に向かって「あなたは本当に上品な雰囲気と仕草をしているわね」・・・今まで彼女からは聞いたことのないセリフに一瞬固まりましたww『上品 = Elegant』という言葉がまるで何かの呪文🔮のように聞こえましたもの💧




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