For peace☆平和のために

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

There will be the third song event happening tomorrow, the 15th (14th in some areas). This event and the song project itself for our world’s peace. We are trying to operate the dimension to support better and peaceful Earth & its people.

Weapon and any such arms & devices never serve for our healthy development. They can only destroy our peace, environment and life.

Hopefully, you can join us to sing and write! (Facebook page is HERE♪)







☆April 15th, 2018☆

10:00/22:00 JST Amazing Grace (アメージング・グレイス)
10:03/22:03 JST Anpanman’s March (アンパンマンのマーチ)
10:07/22:07 JST Message to Earth people for 3 times (地球人へ向けたメッセージ:3回お願いします)
10:09/22:09 JST Writing 5 four-character-idioms (書きプロ)

Amazing Grace : YouTube video

Anpanman (English) : YouTube video

アンパンマンのマーチ(歌詞付きフルバージョン):YouTube video

☆Message to the People on Earth☆

Let’s throw all weapons away.
Mutual harmony and benefit – that is what Gaia is hoping for.

Let’s hold hands and talk each other.
Let’s trust one another.

Military is not for killing people,
but for saving and maximizing human lives.

ガイアの希望 共存共栄を守って武器を捨てよう




軍は 人を殺めるものでなく 人を救い 活かしうるもの

☆Writing Together☆

1. Please prepare a sheet of paper & pen/pencil to write “Four-character-idioms” all together. 1 word per 1 minute. Please write in the Chinese character, not the English meanings.
2. After you finish, please fold the paper as small to be able to carry with you (like putting in your wallet) for a week.
3. Please burn the paper on the 21st (Sat.)
1. 小さめの紙と筆記用具を準備します。時間になりましたら四字熟語を一文字1分、のペースでゆっくり書いていきます(縦書き&横書きどちらでもOK)
2. 書き終えたら、小さく折り畳んで財布などに入れて持ち歩いて下さい。
3. 一週間経ちましたらその紙を燃やします。21日(土)に行って下さい。燃やせない場合は、タッパーなどに水を入れ、その中に紙を入れて30分ほど置き、その後紙を捨てて頂いて結構です。

☆10:09&22:09 Start/10:09&22:09 開始☆

① 武装解除 — Disarmament

② 交渉開始 — Beginning of the negotiation

③ 妥協快諾 — Willing consent of compromise

④ 共同声明 — Joint statement

⑤ 新生地球 — Newly refreshed Earth

Let’s all sing together!

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