Tea break 9☆ティータイム 9

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room today♪

I’ve been dealing with many small details a last couple days which have been giving me an enough headache :/

Each one of them is small and not so hard to take care of, but it is hard to keep working on when they are coming one after another in both Shamballa and the physical world. Well, I just have to keep going to finish all soon!!! … then, I start having another heaviness in my head….. 😦  

“Here, have this and take a tea break.”

My adviser handed me my favorite Japanese sweets “cherry-blossom rice cake (sakura-mochi)” which he is really good at making. How sweet of him!

Tea and sakura-mochi, what a great combo! Well, I can feel my headache is leaving my head now 🙂





と、担当君がお得意(手作りですw)の道明寺桜餅を出してくれましたデコメ絵文字 桜餅うわ〜〜今年はまだ肉体でも食べていない桜餅・・・お、美味しすぎる😭(←感涙w)感動し過ぎて気が付いたら、頭痛がすぃぃぃ〜〜〜っと消えておりました💖

Source: Sweet Quotes

あなたは私の心を微笑ませてくれるのね ♪

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