Fun to change-1☆変化の楽しみ-1

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room!

Did you have a fun time singing & writing together yesterday? (In my physical time, the 2nd session was in the early morning so that I was really sleepy though) We will have another event on Sunday, the 15th. Hopefully you will join us♪

Anyway, I will talk about changes in a person, changes in me today.

Generally speaking, it’s hard to see a person to change the personality/attitude/behavior within a short period of time. “I thought he would change any better, but he has actually not changed at all!” “She seems softer, but I can tell she still has her stubbornness clearly.” We often have conversations like these. People cannot change so easily. I have experienced it so many times at so many different occasions.

It is like a New Year’s resolution… see? how many of you still keep it going? (I do not even set one anymore, lol)

Like many of you, I (in the physical world) used to dislike many things I had done. I didn’t like my ways of speaking, reacting to other people, thinking certain things, and so on. I thought I was not “cool & smart” at all. Let’s say, I felt embarrassed speaking English with the strong Asian accents which didn’t sound cool & smart at all. I also disliked the Japanese “giggling” which I used to do a lot without even noticing myself doing it. I was pointed out by other people one day, ” Why do you giggle when you are supposed to be serious?” … I was shocked and really embarrassed because I didn’t know I was doing it when I got nervous.

I thought I would know myself pretty well at that time (I was already mid-30s); however there were many gaps between my thoughts and the reality. Then, I started taking some reading sessions by a few clairvoyants which definitely helped me to recognize my personality as well as my good & bad points (Some of them are influences of my former lives). Knowing myself objectively helped to re-define my character.

Oh well, I actually have to go now (in both Shamballa and the physical world)! I will write more about this later♪

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