Song project TODAY☆本日歌プロ

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a great weekend!

So, TODAY (April 7th and 8th) is the song event: Practice session for singing & writing project on 4/15.

I’ve mentioned the song project a few times on this blog before:

Let’s all sing together 2016!
Song Project and beyond

In this year 2018, we are adding “the writing project” to our regular singing events. This is supposed to be as effective as singing a same song together with many people. Since the words (four-character-idioms) are all written in Chinese characters so that you English only people may have a little hard time to write them. But I believe it should be a new type of fun challenge for all of us (I’m not good at writing the characters either, lol).

Here is the brief meaning of those idioms we are going to write today (Some of them have been originally created by the blog readers):

First session (starting at 10:09 JST) — We are supposed to write the following characters one per minute.

① 新生地球 — Newly refreshed Earth

② 互助安泰 — Supporting each other to save everyone’s life

③ 寛容謙虚 — Tolerance and Modesty

④ 平和推進 — Moving forward to the world peace

⑤ 真実開示 — Opening up the truth

Second session (starting at 22:09 JST)

① 地球安泰 — Safe & peace for the Earth

② 民意創界 — Creating the world by all human desires

③ 平和共存 — Coexisting peacefully

④ 家族平和 — Peace in every family

⑤ 互助自立 — Supporting each other to be individually independent

Detail of the schedule is available on the Facebook Page : Let’s All Sing Together 2018.

I hope you all will join us and enjoy singing & writing together♪










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