Sense energy☆念エネルギー

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much again for coming to my room♪

So, sense energy. Some of you have already heard this word in my blog before or ELB (Enjoy Life Basic seminar). This also refers to the word like “thought-forms” which is the energy generated by you consciously or unconsciously thinking of particular someone/something. When someone is really jealous of you and sends you some negative thoughts, they become the thought-forms = sense energies and the action is well-known as a “psychic attack.”

However, sense energy by itself is not just a “negative” energy. When you really focus on what you love to do (hobby, study, project and so on), the sense energy becomes your fuel to keep going to fulfill the achievement. It is a great energy for all of us to accomplish our life missions.

If you would like to find out more about this pretty common and sometimes troublesome energy, please check out ELB-3 and ELB-4. You will find many familiar cases as well as great ways to avoid & solve the problems based on the sense energy.

I’ve never had any issue with psychic attack/sense energy. Well, I might have done before, but I had never recognized as such. I was always too busy to think of/compare to other people (especially after I moved to the US) so that I really didn’t involve with the emotion like jealousy and/or grudge. Plus, I was the one who was totally discriminated against others when I was in NY so that I really had no time to even look at other people in such a way.

I am still pretty preoccupied with many different ideas, my own thoughts, imagination & curiosity in Shamballa so that I don’t have time to worry about other things, lol.

Many cases regarding negative energies seem to happen since the person has so much time not to focus on himself but instead, to seek others to jealous and attack. Even the case like a mother loves her son too much and too protective to make him be independent is the same that the mother has so much time not focusing on herself but spending all her time & energy towards her son. That is really an unfortunate case which both the mother & the son are shackled by their sense energies, and the son is the one usually has to leave the house and abandon the mother in order for him to become independent.

People tend to dislike being busy, but I totally recommend to be busy with what you really like for yourself. Keep busy, keep productive and enjoy your own things so that you won’t have time to even care what others would look at or think of you.

Your energy have been given to you just for YOURSELF.








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