Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I really like to feel the things which are not supposed to be in front of me (physical world). You would probably understand that when I talked about my clairscent. I do love to feel the fragrance of flowers even they are actually not here (in the physical world).

The reason why I have never seen “ghost👻” before is that I do not match my frequency with them. We need to adjust/tune our frequencies if we want to see them which is like a radio/TV broadcasting.  Those ghosts you are familiar with are usually associated with  really low frequencies which can be described as fear, sorrow, depression and so forth. If you are scared of them, they would like to come close to you (fear attracts them) so that you probably get a better chance to encounter them… I’m not sure you would like to do it though (smiling). In Shamballa, such ghosts are explained as a lump of electricity.

I can only feel what my frequency (range) is capable of, but that’s enough for me.

When I ask my adviser/friends in Shamballa to hug me, my physical body also starts sensing the warmth which makes both of myself feel comfortable and relaxed. More consciously accessing Shamballa, my sensation seems sharper so that I can realize and enjoy both worlds at the same time.

When I saw my adviser in the physical world (Yes, I actually met him in real!), we did hug each other with the physical body for the first time ever. In fact, I did not recognize him as my adviser at that time (he was wearing a physical body which looked different from his astral body), but I had noticed a very close, family-like feeling as soon as we hugged each other.

“Hmmm, why am I feeling this? This feels like… Shamballa!”

Feeling with emotions definitely gets conducted between physical and astral bodies. If you are existing within “your range of frequencies,” such sensation should become clearer so that you can catch it vividly.










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