Taking care☆気をつける

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having another good week♪

I am in quite delicate health in Shamballa. I did not notice it at all in the beginning (of course, I couldn’t see/hear/feel anything!) so that I was trying to be as active as myself in the physical world.

One day, I was playing a basketball (1 on 1 against my adviser) in Shamballa which I used to play a lot and was pretty good at it in the physical world. That was really the first time I could start feeling my body movements and activities in Shamballa which my body was sweating and running out of breath. I was really excited that I could feel the whole thing almost as real as I could imagine!

All of a sudden,  I felt really sick and lay down on a sofa in the physical world. I was totally fine until then, so I wondered what myself in Shamballa would happen. I actually could not access myself for a while… in other words, it was just blackout and I had no idea what was going on.

I was told that such activity like basketball was too much for my body in Shamballa. I am not as healthy as myself in the physical world unfortunately. Well, I’m basically fine there but I just cannot push hard. After the initial incident, I actually fell down several times by stretching my envelop a little too much.

Some people have such a reversed body condition between Shamballa and the physical world. Unlike me, some other person can be quite active in Shamballa but the physical body is actually pretty sick. This reversed condition can be applied to the one’s body, personality, preference/taste and so on. That can be another reason why some people are having hard time to fuse themselves in the 2 different worlds.

I’m currently staying a quiet place outside of Central Shamballa to receive medical treatment. It’s funny that both of us hardly get sickness but I sometimes feel really fragile in Shamballa. One really good thing with this condition is that I no longer push too hard in the physical world either, lol. Well, actually, it makes me feel much healthier so that I really appreciate how I am doing here both in Shamballa & the physical world.









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