My favorite flower☆お気に入りの花

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much again for coming to my room♪

When someone asks me about my favorite flower, I definitely say “Rose” without any hesitation. I really love different types, breeds and colors of beautiful roses especially pink tea roses. There is one named after England’s Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret (interestingly shares the same name of mine) which has a really beautiful pink and a subtle fragrance.

As I posted this entry before, rose used to be my least favorite flower in the physical world. The color pink was not my favorite color either. Instead, I used to like sharper, cool and somewhat more masculine style of the things including flowers & colors.

I can recall the day my adviser got me a cup of rose tea and I was really amazed by the flavor and the taste. At the same time, I was saying to myself “Yes, yes, that’s MY FAVORITE thing! I could have this finally!!”… wait a minute! Me? My favorite?! What’s up with that?!

I was confused for a while, but then I started feeling that was true and have become realized that IS my favorite whenever I accessed Shamballa.

Nowadays, myself in the physical world also loves using rose items (rose oil, rose tea, rose soap, etc.) and pink color as well. I still remember what I used to like and had different tastes, but I do not get confused and am able to accept who I am and what I like.

Even though my physical body and astral body are the same “me,” there are certain inconsistent personalities/characters/tendencies between myself in the physical world and myself in Shamballa. Some people cannot tolerate/admit such difference and the two identities keep separated (I will write more about this sometime soon).

In my case, since I actually feel more natural in the way how I feel in Shamballa, my options seem to become wider and deeper. Most of all, I feel so open that I no longer hold any traumatic stubbornness I used to have somewhere in my mind (in the physical world).

All right, I’m going to enjoy my tea time☕️ (Of course, I will have a cup of nice rose tea🌹)











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