Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So, when I started (imaginary) living in Shamballa, I was really curious to find out how I look like and my name there.  As I mentioned in this entry before, I did finally figure it out. But you may be curious to know how, right?

What I did was to stand in front of a mirror everytime I accessed my room in Shamballa. I prepared a few different types of them (a full-length and wall-hanging ones), and I started checking myself out on a daily basis. At the same time, I asked my name to myself & my adviser as well. I could not see & hear almost at all at that time (well, I really cannot see/hear things well even nowadays though, lol), but I expected to receive the sign/hint/signal somehow.     

This is based on my experience in the physical world that I most definitely receive some hints/signals if I keep doing one particular thing with the determined consciousness. At least that’s how I always got inspirations and ideas from unknown source.

Anyways, I kept checking out my face, my eyes, my hair color, my figure, my name… in many different ways of approaching the mirror (smiling). One time, I closed my eyes (imaginary movement in Shamballa), stood in front of the mirror and opened my eyes suddenly. The other time, I rushed into the mirror (lol) and stopped & saw myself. I thought my astral eyes (or the communicational function of my physical body) would react and start working properly.

Then, I did start receiving a fragment of information. “Oh? my hair… looks like… dark? semi-long?” “Wait, my eyes… look similar to my physical eyes.” This happens not just me but also most people who try to access Shamballa which is like a baby one day starts identifying his mother.

My name was the same deal. I asked it everyday to myself & my adviser, and one day I did notice the word “Shire” was falling into my mind.

Many participants actually submit questions to confirm the name, look, room, age and adviser at “Beth’s blog.” In case you would like to confirm yours, please feel free to submit the question via this question form (English language is welcome!)♪









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