Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a good morning, day or evening♪

When I started accessing Shamballa consciously, I was really into building my own place there (as I mentioned before). I even drew the floor plan in the physical world, lol! I’ve learned names of the plants I placed in my living-room, kitchen and the entrance area. I checked out various materials for the rugs, curtains, wallpapers, etc. You may think it is crazy and almost too eccentric conduct. Yes, for the people who really believe the world only exists in the physical dimension, my attitude can be as creepy & peculiar as… whatever you can think of👻

Some of you may also think I might have been escaping from the reality. There are people actually accessing Shamballa because they have been having a really tough life in the physical world. Shamballa seems a fantasy & dream land for such people where you can have a nice house, tasty food, safe & cozy living… well, I thought about that in the beginning as well (I did actually come to face another “reality” there though… well, I hope I can talk about that some other time).

Anyways, my life in the physical world at that time was as busy & full as you could imagine which I had technically NO TIME at all to think something seemingly meaningless. I had a full-time job plus almost full-time other outside projects so that I was always running around and constantly dealing with people, problems and excitements.

“Shamballa thing” is just a little entertainment for my brain — that is exactly what I was thinking in the beginning. My brain needed to stretch a little more in some unexpected direction to get interesting ideas which was not an escapism to me.

I think it is totally fine to start with the idea of escapism when you check out Shamballa in the beginning. You try to imagine your room, your adviser and things around there for fun. Then, you stop doing it because you are too busy or not fun anymore. That’s OK too. You might mean to focus on the physical world in this life.

If you are meant to be in Shamballa, you will start seeing many signs and situations in the physical world which are undeniable connections to there. So, let’s enjoy imagining your own space in Shamballa and see how goes😎








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