Hi, this is Shire. I’m happy to see you here again in my room♪

We, the participants who access Shamballa from the physical world often use the phrase like, “I am talking to my advisor… supposed to!” “I actually do… well am intending to study math at Shamballa School.” We use such words intend, suppose, pretend because no one (including ourselves) can prove what we are actually doing there. I mean there is no objective information makes us feel secured when we are experiencing Shamballa. 

That is the one big reason why many participants from the physical world give up the access to Shamballa (consciously) in the early stage. “I can see/hear NOTHING!” “It’s just a self-imagination and totally a waste of my time & energy!” I’ve heard/seen such complaints several times.

When we start accessing Shamballa, our senses there (i.e. the five senses of Astral body) are like a new-born baby. Do you remember how you were doing when you were a baby? You probably had no clue where you were and probably lived in a constant dream/imaginary world… oh well, that is pretty much the same how we are in Shamballa. Yes, it takes time (many years) to understand things around you.

When I use the word “I’m supposed to” “I intend to,” I start wondering where such images/scenes are actually coming from. Why does this particular vision appear in my mind? If all images/information I see/hear/feel whenever I access Shamballa are fake and only my imagination, why/how am I choosing the “particular” thing at the particular timing?

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