Soul type☆魂のタイプ

Hi, this is Shire. I’m happy to see you here in my room again♪

As I introduced this in the post here, every soul has its own character. Of course the character is not just one type, but you can figure out your fundamental soul personality by this simple test:

What is your most productive environment when you study (or you used to study when you were a student)? Please pick one of the following places:

a. A quiet library
b. A loud (by voices of customers) cafe
c. Your own room with the sound of radio as BGM

– from 【The Second Session:To Identify Own Talent】Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪

…. how is it? When I saw the questionnaire at the very first time, I was a little confused because I had the times all above 3 situations somehow applied to my style. I remember I once really enjoyed studying a really, super quiet place, and I also had a productive day at a noisy cafe as well.

Well then, above all circumstances being considered (plus some other issues I have), my soul is pretty much the flexible type which I can manage to fit different environments if necessary. When I work on my PC (both at home & work), I usually do not listen to any music, but I really like to hear sounds & noises from surroundings as a BGM. In other words, I do not prefer dead silence.

a. A quiet soul (静霊 : シズタマ) – You can focus on things as the place gets quieter which you have the quiet soul. You can keep your presence of mind.
b. A rough soul (荒霊 : アラタマ) – You can focus on things as the place gets louder & noisier which you have the rough/wild soul. Your consciousness wavers up and down.
c. A flat soul (平霊 : ヒラタマ) – You can focus on things as you create & dip in your favorite environment in your room which you have the flat/neutral soul. You change your frequency depending on who you are speaking to.

Now you can see I’m totally the “flat soul” type. How about you?

If you are interested in learning more about the soul type to find out your actual talent, please check out 【The Second Session:To Identify Own Talent】Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪




a. 静かな図書館
b. 人の声が飛び交う喫茶店
c. 一人ラジオなど音を出した自分の部屋

【第二回:自分の才能を知る】Happy カムカム!Let’s 次元操作講座♪ より



a. 静かなところほど集中する人は静かな魂ということで「静霊」(シズタマ)と言います。平常心を保てるタイプ。
b. 騒々しいところほど集中する人を荒々しい魂ということで「荒霊」(アラタマ)と言います。意識が上下揺れ動くタイプ。
c. 部屋で自分が好きな感覚の中にいると集中する人を「平霊」(ヒラタマ)と呼びます。相手によって周波数を変えるタイプ。


この魂タイプについてもっと知りたい、更にはそこから自分の天命に繋がる才能を知りたい、という方は、是非ともこちらのカムカム講座:【第二回:自分の才能を知る】Happy カムカム!Let’s 次元操作講座♪を紐解いてみて下さい🌷

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