Flowers of the month (April, 2018)

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again! This "Flowers of the month" series are written in both English & Japanese at the same time since there are many images I would like you all enjoy at once. こんにちは、シャイアです。今日も私のブログ部屋へお越し頂きましてありがとうございます♪『今月のお花』シリーズは、毎回画像数も多いので、英語&日本語併記の同時放送wwとなりますことをご了承下さいませ🌸 Let's start my monthly flower arrangement♬ では、早速今月もお花アレンジの紹介と参りましょう♪ April, 2018 〜... Continue Reading →

Double fun☆楽しさ2倍

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room today! Do you enjoy what you love to do? Some hobbies and/or fun & creative projects? I used to play music as a professional job in the physical world. I still do occasionally, but I mostly do it for fun like a hobby. I... Continue Reading →

New function☆新機能

Hi, this is Shire. I'm glad that you've dropped by my room again♪ So, I still have been having a fun time with Twitter (smiling) which I'm surprised myself. I thought I would either get bored or overwhelmed by too many tweets. You know, once you start getting some followers, you are supposed to follow... Continue Reading →

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