Flowers of the month (March, 2018)

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again! This “Flowers of the month” series will be written in both English & Japanese at the same time since I do not want to post all the images twice (smiling).

Let’s start my monthly flower arrangement♬


March, 2018 〜 Main color: Yellow ; Birth stone: Aquamarine〜
2018年3月 ~テーマカラー:イエロー;誕生石:アクアマリン~ 

【Flowers for the arrangement】 Narcissus “Tete a Tete” (yellow), Freesia (yellow), Tulip (yellow), Rape blossoms, Azure bluet (Houstonia caerulea)

Narcissus “Tete a Tete”: A smaller, lower the height comparing to the regular narcissus, this really cute flower has the French name “tête-à-tête” which means “A private conversation (usually between two people)” because the flowers bloom like they are having a little secret conversation.

They are situated st the front, near the edge of the arrangement with Azure bluet (introducing later). Can you imagine what are they talking about of the brightness of Spring?

Freesia : This is one of the most popular flowers of Spring as the fragrance (profuse citrus scent).

Freesia is originally from South Africa (the original color was yellow and white only), then you now see various color variations by the bleed improvement. The word of the flower is “innocent” which really shows it by the shape as well as a popularity in wedding events. In Victorian times, when flowers often carried secret messages that dare not be spoken, the freesia symbolized trust.

Tulip : I used tulip last March (2017) as well though, this time is just yellow, well bright & lemon-ish yellow tulips. This arrangement is (as I also did last March) a group planting style instead of cut flowers, and tulip should be the second tallest from rape blossoms which a head taller than freesia. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine.
チューリップ:昨年もこの3月に活躍したチューリップですが、今回はザ・イエロー!の一色です。こちらも寄せ植えになり、フリージアから頭一つ分抜き出るという徐々に背の高いお花になっていく形にしています。そして画像のような蕾〜開きかけをメインで使用します。黄色い花というのは時にがっかり系wの花言葉が登場しますが、この黄色いチューリップの花言葉は『hopeless love(望みのない恋)』・・・ああガッカリwでもその他には『brightness(明るさ)』『sunshine(太陽の光)』などの明るい花言葉もこのイエロー・チューリップに捧げられています。

*Image reference of the height comparison between tulip and narcissus*


I actually did use the same image for the arrangement of last March (lol), but in this time, you should see freesia in between these flowers (and of course, everyone is YELLOW). The “tete a tete” should be a little shorter than the image above.

Rape Blossoms : Some of us know this kind of flowers as mustard flower and it’s commonly known as rapesheed (Brassica napus). It has really beautiful & bright yellow flowers blooming early~through the mid-Spring time. I intend to make you feel that you are in the middle of the field of yellow rape blossoms.

Azure bluet (Houstonia caerulea) : This small, pale blue with yellow centered flowers are chosen this time for the birthstone of March, Aquamarine. It occurs from Nebraska northeast to Maine and south to Florida and Texas, and it has also been widely spread many other areas of the Earth.
ヒナソウ:3月の誕生石『アクアマリン』にちなんだ花です。原産地が北米で、別名『Azure bluet』、もしくはフーストニアとも言います。日本では『トキワナズナ』という名前でも知られています。3月27日の誕生花でもあり、正に3月誕生石フラワーに相応わしい清楚で可愛らしい雰囲気です。ちなみに花言葉は『寛大な愛』『甘い思い出』など。

【Display Image】Images from the lobby flowers at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo where we actually use the image for Shamballa School lobby area as a reference.

Finally, here comes my drawing… well, I could not really do well in this time for balance-wise. The actual arrangement looks really a large & beautiful yellow gradation from pale to lemon to bright to deep yellow, and the little spark of blue actually gives you a little relaxing atmosphere.


Please visit the imaginary school in Shamballa so that you will be able to see & smell the beautiful flowers💖

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