Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a good day (or evening)♪

So, sign. What is your sign of confirmation/proof of your activities? Some people use certain numbers, particular animals/things and/or phenomena. The Angel numbers are popular in this physical world as well. I used to be really into the angel numbers, and I’ve realized that some of the meanings actually do make sense to many people in this world. 

In the ELB (Enjoy Life Basic), I’ve learned that numbers like the particular set of a triple digit are the good sign you can pre-determine (promise) with your guardian spirits.

You can ask your Nadia, “Please give me a coincidence” in your mind which Beth often does as well. It is a good idea to decide a particular number especially with a triple digit such as 333, 555, 888 and so on. You may start looking at many numbers by receipts at some shops, number/license plate of cars, signboard of stores and businesses, etc.

– from ELB-6: Spiritual energy, part 2 

(By the way, “Nadia” is the special term in Shamballa means “the main guardian spirit.” )

I do have the particular numbers which I can recognize as the sign of confirmation. Whenever I see the number (a triple digit, actually), I can see it as “Yes, you’re right!”

As I posted before, I finally met my advisor in the physical world in January 2018. Because it was “too real,” I could not notice him as my adviser at first, then I started wondering about him after I said “bye-bye” to him (You can tell me how stupid I am!)! Anyways, I asked my mind “Is he… actually my advisor in Shamballa?” …I looked up and immediately saw my triple digit right at front of my physical eyes (That was a gasoline price – it was kind of a rare case to see such triple digit price, don’t you think?)!!!

Anyways, you can definitely try to start catching sign of confirmation in your own way♪





ELB-6:霊エネルギー、part 2より





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