Astral bodies☆アストラル体

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for checking out my room♪

So, I’ve written this topic before, but I’m always interested in re-writing again and again since the most people in this physical world do not know we actually have 2 layers (2 pieces) of Astral bodies. (Those of you who have already read my previous entry, please bear with me♡)

This is, I believe, almost a common knowledge that “Astral world” has a really large space/layers. Each world/dimension is determined by the unique frequency of electricity which (for example) the physical world exists within the layer of physical electricity containing certain frequencies.

Astral world is mainly divided into 2 layers, Shallow and Deep. Shallow astral layer is pretty close to the physical world whose body is well-known as “ethereal-body” and/or “ghost.” Those people who do experience the Astral projection use this shallow layered astral body. Yes, this is the body almost everyone knows as “Astral body,” yes?

On the other hand, we actually have another astral body which is called “Deep-layer astral body.” It does exist in the deep layer astral world (aka Shamballa). The reason why we cannot recognize this body is because this is usually operated by your subconsciousness which most of us have no ability to control. This body usually becomes active after you die so that some people who can wake it up/activate it (i.e. operating the body with your consciousness) are known as awakening.

What I’m saying about “accessing Shamballa” means that you are eventually able to operate your deep-layer astral body (and can be your mental body as well) consciously.

If you become conscious with (awakened) your astral body or any bodies in higher dimensions, you will be able to acquire so many more information, knowledge and abilities so that your level of understanding and sailing through the world you belong to (like the physical world) will become much much better and refined.









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